Buddy Broome – February 21st, 2018 – Fullerton

With new technology like Zillow's Instant Offer and other similar platforms becoming more prominent, the way that investors work will likely be changing forever. In order to compete against this new high-tech competition, investors need to implement new techniques. In Buddy's talk he will discuss some of these techniques, which are surprisingly "low-tech" and how you can use them to close more deals and increase your returns.

Buddy Broome - OC

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018


The Hotel Fullerton

1500 S. Raymond Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92831

$20 for Pre-Registered

$25 at the Event

Annual Members Free

-Men and Women Welcome-

About Buddy Broome:
In 2008, Buddy tried his first hand in Real Estate by purchasing his first rental property. With the crash of the economy mixed with just starting out in a new field, his results did not match his expectations.

But his story is one of redemption rather than regret. This property was the first step on a journey that included many books, seminars and mentors, along with willingness and action. All of these combined to instill the knowledge of the financial principles of investing and the knowledge of financial calculator, both of which led him to his most prosperous acquisitions to date.

Since that first purchase in 2008, Buddy and his wife, Tina, have purchased a number of profitable rental properties using seller financing and other creative techniques that could only be done with the knowledge of these financial principles. These deals also were extremely profitable for the sellers as seller financing allows people to sell their properties at a higher than market price, defer capital gains tax, and earn a secured return on their investment with a higher interest rate than they can find most anywhere else. In fact, it has been so profitable for their sellers that some have returned and sold Buddy and Tina other properties using the same methods.

As Buddy continued to grow in knowledge of investing and in the application of these financial principles, he started to teach friends what he knew and watched as it had an amazing impact on their financial lives as well. Consequently, Buddy decided to offer a class that would show others, in a non-intimidating and easy to understand approach, how to apply these principles to both their investing and their everyday lives.

In addition to teaching, Buddy is still purchasing and managing rental properties, specializing in difficult to manage properties.

Read more about him at www.buddybroome.com