Paul Rossano – February 20th, 2019 – Fullerton

How to Build Your Wealth In
6 Hours Or Less A Month
Using A Completely New Paradigm
Without The Stress Of Risky Investments

That’s a BOLD promise!

Anyone who is familiar with George Antone and his proven advanced strategies knows they are in for a treat because George always fulfills on his bold promises!

George, a 3-time best-selling author and thought leader in the finance and investing space, has blown the lid off a new paradigm no one is teaching; or even talking about, until now!

Imagine low-risk and low-stress strategies that are implemented one time and placed on autopilot to work for you starting ASAP – all in 6 hours or less!

Better yet, the 6 hours can be broken up into smaller chunks and spread over the span of a few weeks if you choose to!

In fact, keep reading for a $100k strategy that will be revealed in this presentation!

No, this is not a “get rich quick” strategy, but a fascinating way to tweak finance to make it work for you in amazing ways!

The traditional methods of building wealth can be grouped into 3 main categories: Investing, Trading and Saving. These traditional methods work; however, they require a lifetime commitment of learning and implementation.

George has been working on this new paradigm, a 4th method, called “Hacking Finance” – where the promise is the ability to LEARN and IMPLEMENT each financial strategy within a total of 6 hours or less, and then place it on autopilot so it builds your wealth without for you!

…and you are about to walk away with one such $100k “shortcut” just from this presentation! This is NOT an overnight $100k strategy, but something you implement one time, and it builds over a number of years into $100k or more on autopilot.

What if you are already investing or lending? These methods will elevate your existing returns… Come discover from one of George’s hand-picked trainers how to boost your yields by combining this system with your existing investments!

That’s exactly why we’re excited to have Paul Rossano, lead trainer for George, as our speaker this month; sharing this unique and creative new way to approach finance and investing.

Paul will also be sharing this new paradigm, and will give you details of ONE of those strategies that banks use (called “floats”), that you can use to skyrocket your wealth. Paul will demonstrate what you need to do the very next morning at your local bank to increase your wealth by $100k over a number of years on autopilot without the stress of risky investments… and this is just ONE of the strategies!

Some people work hard. Others work smart. This is working smart!

If you want your path to financial freedom made easier, then this is something you cannot afford to miss out on!

With a few financial tweaks and this different approach, you’ll find you have more time and money to work with than you thought.

Leap forward financially with less risk, less stress, and more time to enjoy life!

Join below and experience what George’s inner circle is using to build their financial security and peace of mind, in a relatively short period of time.

This is truly exciting stuff to know and we’re excited it’s being shared with us!

See you there!
Paul Rossano - OC

Wednesday, February 20th, 2018


The Hotel Fullerton

1500 S. Raymond Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92831

$20 for Pre-Registered

$25 at the Event

Annual Members Free

-Men and Women Welcome-

About Paul Rossano:

Paul Rossano is a devoted student and teacher of success and embraces a philosophy of constant and never-ending improvement in all areas of life.

Paul began his real estate and entrepreneurial career at the age of 21, and over the past 19 years he’s been involved in hundreds of residential and commercial real estate transactions and started several tech companies.

While he’s certainly had his fair share of success, Paul’s career was a roller coaster of ups and downs until he met George Antone in 2012.

After experiencing George’s trainings, Paul quickly realized this newfound knowledge was the missing link between the financial freedom he wanted, and the financial slavery he had been experiencing for so many years.

From that point forward Paul made it his mission to share George’s training with as many people as possible so they can experience the peace of mind and confidence that comes with financial freedom and abundance.

The unique combination of George Antone’s brilliant financial training and Paul’s speaking skills and real-world experience has allowed him to become a top trainer for George’s company Fynanc where he now helps investors and working professional everywhere create the success they desire and deserve.