Peter Fortunato – March 11th, 2019 – Fullerton

Peter Fortunato

Use Your Brains, Not Your Money
This is a very special event, and that's why it's being held on Monday, March 11, 2019

Fair warning: This is a must-attend event! Do not miss one of the most brilliant real estate minds of our time. Peter will be in the SoCal area and we have a special date to accommo- date! Get first hand experience of his excellence and knowledge. Even if you have heard him before, no two talks are ever the same. Come learn from a real estate creative genius.
Peter Fortunato - OC

MONDAY, March 11th, 2019


The Hotel Fullerton

1500 S. Raymond Avenue

Fullerton, CA 92831

$20 for Pre-Registered

$25 at the Event

Annual Members Free

-Men and Women Welcome-

About Peter Fortunato:

Peter is a libertarian and a capitalist. He believes that transactions which you can be proud of result from carefully conceived goals and plans followed by purposeful actions and scrupulous documentation.

Upon graduating from high school in 1965, Peter went right into the real estate business. His motivation was his desire to be self-employed until he could afford to be unemployed.

Pete says, “Everyone who knew me believed that I was unemployable. They were right. I still am!”

Peter was excited about being free to build his business and his future. He attended seminars and read at every opportunity. He sought out and learned from many mentors and benefited from the example and counsel of his father who always encouraged and supported him.

Pete finished college with a clientele and an investment portfolio. By 1975 his investment income had eliminated his need for fees from clients to fund his lifestyle.

Peter continues to teach and to attend real estate and investment seminars and meetings regularly. He is respected for his clear and patient explanations of investment concepts and transactions. He has been building, structuring, manipulating and managing investment transactions and portfolios for more than 45 years.